Brand Glossary: What is a ‘Brand Audit’?

When you have a brand already established but feel like some things are not reaching their full potential, you might consider a rebrand or taking steps to repair the issues that are at hand. The question is how do you know what the issues are? That’s where a brand professional steps in. 

If you’re ever in that position, you’ll need to approach a brand professional and hire them to service you through a brand audit

What is a brand audit exactly?

A brand audit is a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your brand through the many facets it may touch: social media presence, visual identity, website design and operations, etc. This assessment is then compiled into a detailed report that’s provided to the brand.

Brand audits are GOLD for making sure you’re not wasting your time on changes that aren’t going to help with the problems that you may or may not have identified.

Do I need a brand audit?

Brand audits are perfect for people who…

  • Are ready to level up their branding – visual and general brand positioning – and are unsure of where to start.
  • Think a professional opinion will provide more guidance on how to operate their brand.
  • Can’t pinpoint problems with their brand…whatever they are, wherever they are.

We’ll break down our brand audit service so you can get a better understanding of how brand audits are presented.

LOVET AGENCY brand audits begin with a consultation and then we provide an in-depth review of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses; what works and what doesn’t work. Our clients who hire us to perform a brand audit are provided a brand roadmap with three action steps to take to move onward and upwards.

Brand audit packages offered by brand professionals may vary, but to give you a basic idea of what’s reviewed, here’s a look at what our brand audits cover:

  • A review of…
    • Branding
    • Logo Design
    • Web Design
    • Voice + Messaging – This refers to the tone and how you communicate your purpose to your audience and potential clients.
    • Social Media
    • Images

After the review, our brand audit clients walk away with a…

  • 7 Page Detailed Report Of Your Brand
  • 60 Minute Review Call With Questions & Answers
  • Brand Roadmap: 3 Action Steps For How To Move Forward
  • How to Avoid Booking the Client From Hell Worksheet + Checklist

If you’re in the right hands, the process of brand audits is effortless for the client – you. You can find more information on LOVET AGENCY’s brand audit service on this page. Feel free to leave any questions in a comment below or using our contact form!



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