Brand Glossary | What is a ‘Brand Style Guide’?

Working with a brand designer can introduce you to a slew of terms that may be unfamiliar to you, especially when the term is in relation to a final products received from the branding process. Working from the ground up and having your visual branding built out, you’ll be introduced to the term brand style guide

What is a brand style guide exactly?

To put it simplistically, a brand style guide refers to a blueprint for visual standards and miscellaneous aspects (language, tone, and point of view) for your brand. The visual standards make up most of your brand style guide and includes things like logos, logo variations, color palettes, and font styles. 

With branding heavily touching on the visual identity your business assumes, it’s important to have a brand style guide because it ensures consistency. 

What can brand style guides be used for?

Brand style guides are instructional and informational, so they are created with the purpose of being shared with your internal team, other companies you potentially partner with, and even yourself if you’re handling graphics and visuals solo after visual branding is established.

Let’s take a look at some case examples to help you better understand the purpose of brand style guides.

  • Case Example #1 | You’re not a brand expert but you’re your own team.
    • Generally, when you start a business in the digital space, you’re handling social media and website operations solo. There are apps and tools such as Over, FontCandy, and of course Photoshop, that can help you maintain visual consistency. But visual consistency only happens when you have a plan. Say you just wrapped up your new look with a brand designer. They provide you a brand style guide at the conclusion of it all. You’re then enabled to refer to that guide for the fonts, colors, and more used so that you can maintain that look in different aspects of your business.
  • Case Example #2 | You hire someone to create marketing materials.
    • Say you hire on a graphics designer to create marketing materials – print or digital – for your business. With a brand style guide, you’ll eliminate a lot of back and forth correspondences that may occur to fine tune the materials to match the visual branding you have established. 
  • Case Example #3 | You’re sponsoring an event.
    • Typically, when businesses sponsor or collaborate on events, coordinators want to make sure you’re getting the benefits of boosted visibility. They’ll need assets at minimum (logo and other images if applicable) or a brand style guide to properly represent your brand on different materials they create such as promotional posters.

Here’s a brief look at what LOVET AGENCY’s Brand Style Guides have to offer through our Brand Package. If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch using our contact form on this page



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