Branding Spotlight #4 | Pole Sport Organization

Every brand deserves to take the stage and have their moment. The same values are held by brand client Pole Sport Organization whose mission is to provide a foundation for people to take the stage in a non-biased space. Welcome to the world of poling, or pole performance.

“We are a neutral and non-biased space that respects people of all backgrounds, skills, identities, and studio affiliations. Meet polers from other studios, cheer for the dancers that you’re competing against, and introduce shy family and friends to the pole community.” – Pole Sport Organization

Pole Sport Organization is just one of many athletic focused brand clients we’ve assisted in developing their visual identity. With being such an inclusive business with a niche audience, we were excited to sport our own design skills strategically.



With how Pole Sport Organization welcomes all to showcase their performance skills, we decided to go with a font that’s not only clear in legibility, but it is gender neutral. You might be asking, how can a font be gender neutral? It’s simple, really. Some font types are associated with the feminine while others are more masculine. We avoided varsity type lettering and script fonts to make sure it didn’t muddle their brand’s mission and positioning.



It’s amazing what certain shapes can do despite being minimal. We used vertical line objects to represent where all the sport takes place: the pole. If the line representation was placed to the left or right of the organization’s name, it wouldn’t have the same effect. PSO is at center focus taking center stage of the logo design.



Why metallic gold? To bring forward the messaging of taking the stage to shine, we considered how the color yellow is associated with brightness or warmth. In this case, stage lights put out considerable amounts of warmth but a flat yellow didn’t have the same richness as gold. These polers, or pole performers, are rich in talent no matter what level of experience and so it only made sense for us to go with the luxurious gold.


The Takeaway

Our Branding Spotlight series is dedicated to showcasing different brand clients that made the steps towards creating or improving their visual identity. However, there’s one thing that all of these Branding Spotlights have in common: the different components – color, font, etc. – may be defined differently when operating solo, but when brought together, an entirely new meaning can be created.

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