Branding Spotlight #6 | Chef Harris

What’s cooking in the LOVET AGENCY design room? 

We’ve shared with you branding work for restaurants in the past, but with the latest Branding Spotlight, we’re putting a brand to someone whose skills in culinary arts made them a coveted chef. For Branding Spotlight #6, check out our brand package work for client Chef Harris.

Versus most of our clients who had original versions of their branding that needed reimagining, Chef Harris got their visual identity from ground zero through the LOVET AGENCY brand package. When no visual identity in branding is applied to a business or brand, the following occurs:

  • Poor customer/client retention
  • Difficulties in promotions + marketing efforts
  • Disjointed perception of the brand

By creating a visual identity that best applies to Chef Harris, we resolve those three pain points in branding. Let’s take a look at the results!

Let’s start with the font choice! You’ll see the presence of two different fonts. One is more creative and out of the box while the other is simplistic. The combination makes for great legibility and is gender-neutral. Looking at this branding, you can’t determine if Chef Harris is male or female which holds no importance to the visual identity because the value is in their edible creations. 

As for the color palette, we kept things minimal with black being the dominant color. The gold acts as an accent to give a luxurious vibe to the brand experience. When presented as elements (the lines, images, etc.), the gold gives off a ‘20s authentic vibe and when it comes to parties, that was such a hospitable time.

Now for the logo! Take a closer look at the letter ‘H’ on the bottle and pasta bag in the image above. You’ll notice we toyed with the space of the letter by adding a fork and a spoon to it. This tie-in is significant to the brand as it brings the culinary theme together.

So…do you LOVET? 

What font styles do you lean towards more? Scripted? Sans Serif? Leave a comment below and let us know what kind of branding inspiration you’d like to see! If you’re inspired to brand or rebrand your business, feel free to check out our packages available here.



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