Extreme Makeover: Website Edition #7 | Liquid Motion

Some of our favorite projects end up being a fusion of the brand package and website package. With our client Liquid Motion, that was the exact sort of project that we were graced with! You see, when they approached us to redesign their website, there were branding visuals present but they weren’t strong nor did it present their identity accurately. 

Liquid Motion is a premier certification and licensing database for movement education; a sport in a sense that utilizes dance and different styles of movement to be specific. In order to get the ball rolling with the new Liquid Motion website, we needed to start from the ground up. We created a brand style that commands attention and brings forward Liquid Motion through careful use of colors, fonts, and styles. 

Let’s take a look at the original Liquid Motion website design.

Here were our initial impressions:

  • The load time was extremely low.
  • Cohesive branding was little to non-existent.
  • The brand’s message wasn’t clear because of the template used.

With Liquid Motion being a site that acts as a database of information for those looking to get certified or licensed in training the form of Liquid Motion, it was important for us to get cracking on this site. Each of the initial impressions were addressed to provide a better experience for site visitors and users.

The load time was extremely low.

Accessibility is incredibly important for a website like Liquid Motion. Slow load times occur when there is an excess of plugins and files. LOVET AGENCY strategized and designed a website that eliminated much of the grief that came with this.

Cohesive branding was little to non-existent.

Aside from the header graphic, nothing really tied together. With each page designed for the new Liquid Motion site, the color palette maintained consistency while images were designed following a specific style. 

The brand’s message wasn’t clear because of the template used.

We wanted to bring the important details to the forefront so we made sure the mission statement was available right off the get-go when loading the site, and the navigation details clearly outlined the purpose of Liquid Motion.


So! Do you…LOVET? 

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