Give the Website Planner a Test Drive | Free Sample Download

With the digital space having SO many options for you when it comes to creating a website, things might seem super easy. The reality is… it can be quite a task to launch a website especially on your own. 

There are numerous factors that go into a website launch.

You have the need to curate and create assets and copy for the website, establishing a look (or branding), and the technical side of things that may require some assistance. 

After handling a number of projects for clients to launch a website or redesign a website, we’ve taken the process and brought it down to a level that’s more reachable with a finish line that’s easier to see. This turned into the form of our Website Planner which is a new planner at our shop site It can be used for solo creation of a website or for a team creation with a website designer.


What’s easily lost in the idea of creating a website is the inspiration that goes into it. We’re talking about the questions that help you understand what features you want on your site visually and technically. 

In lieu of that, we know that the proof is in the pudding so we’ve taken a few pages from the Shop Lovet Agency Website Planner to make available to you in the form of a digital download for FREE. 

These pages in particular will help you assess your current website (or lack thereof) and functions you may need for the new and improved version.


Like what you see? There’s a slew of planner types available that can be applied to your brand or business. Visit to take a closer look! Let us know what you think about the sample of the Website Planner in a comment below.



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