LOVET INSIDER | The Future of the LOVET AGENCY Newsletter

What’s going on in the world of LOVET AGENCY? 

As a branding and web design agency, we wanted to offer an experience that wasn’t strictly a client to designer relationship. We expanded on our site and social media to offer branding and web design tips through numerous blog series such as Extreme Makeover: Website Edition, Branding Spotlight, and Psychology of Color and Your Business

In 2019, we launched Shop Lovet Agency and the line of planners and digital downloads tailored specifically for social media + small business use (e.g. Instagram Planner, Blog Planner, YouTube Planner, Website Planner, etc). With the launch of Shop Lovet, we also started sharing tips for branding and navigating + managing social media through its newsletter and social media profiles. 

To improve the experience so you get the full package, we’re making some changes! You probably received this blog post in an email via our newsletter you subscribed to, which is amazing because you’re up to speed on the happenings so here’s the breaking news: We’re consolidating our efforts to the Shop Lovet Agency newsletter!

That means that moving forward, the LOVET AGENCY mailing list will no longer receive emails and it’s recommended to subscribe to the Shop Lovet Agency newsletter.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • General branding info + pro-tips
  • Social media branding info + pro-tips and tools
  • Exclusive interviews
  • New YouTube channel series
  • Freebies
  • Advanced access to new products

…and more!

This newsletter change will not impact our services! We’re all about that branding life and nothing’s gonna stop us now. So if you’re interested in our branding packages and website packages, those will remain at, but as far as educational resources go, we highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter at ASAP! Let’s make waves in 2020.

Questions? Feel free to use our contact form or leave a comment below!



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