Starting From Ground Zero: Why Websites Don’t Work Without Branding

Starting a business has a lot of steps behind the launch phase. Some have to consider financials, business model, and other technical things. What we commonly see is branding design is left out in the cold. People will immediately go to website builders, pick a layout, and run with the different images available online that are free for commercial use and think it’s all good. Others will straight up neglect compatible images that are relevant to their brand or business. 

We’re here to tell you this isn’t going to work.

What’s not gonna work? We’re talking about launching a website for your brand or business without an IDENTITY. Brand design is so underrated and overlooked because it isn’t prioritized as high up as other components needed to launch a business. We’re living in a technologically and visually driven world with customers and audiences connected to businesses and brands 24/7 in the digital space from websites to social networks. 

Websites without branding will not carry your brand or business.

When you don’t have a visual identity for your brand or you neglect to put your branding on your website, you’re doing the following:

  • Hindering your brand’s perception from audiences by appearing inexperienced.
  • Lowering yourself in ranks next to competitors in the same market.
  • Removing from the value of a brand experience that you want to emphasize to your customers or audience that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Let’s take a look at a client from LOVET AGENCY. Abode Beauty is a mobile hair service. Right then and there, looking at that before picture, would you have immediately registered that this was a service site of some sort? The brand was being carried by a hair dryer but that’s a dime a dozen. Abode had no brand design established for their business at the time, and in order to give their website the right treatment, we had to start from ground zero with our brand package to create this beautiful website that screams I do hair and it’s a luxurious experience.

When branding visuals were applied to their website design, it helped organize the content that’s important. Your eyes are drawn immediately to the photo, and to the left of it, a quote that is connected with the interest of hair care. The menu is more obvious AND the call to action to book an appointment – which is what Abode wants site visitors to do – draws attention to site visitors with the use of the scissors image.

Did you know that consistent branding can increase revenue by 23%?

Read that over one more time. When you pull off consistent branding, that means you’ve got it on your social media pages, website, and other pages or materials online or offline. BE the goal-getter for your business and prioritize the things that are going to tie everything together. Visual branding may seem like it skims the surface of superficial, but THIS is the base layer of marketing that you need to have for your brand or business. 

Luckily, this is what we’re all about. If you want to learn more about our branding or website packages, click the links below and let us know your thoughts in a comment below!




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